Amethyst Resort

Amethyst Pasikudda

Amethyst Resort is the first property built, owned and operated by Amethyst Leisure (Pvt) Limited, whose journey began in 2011 with the laying of the first foundation for Amethyst Resort in Passikudah, Sri Lanka. By March 2012 the resort commenced its operations as one of the first and unique locations for holiday makers in Passikudah. Currently the resort has 40 rooms in operation, fully equipped with all amenities to offer the ultimate hi-tech getaway. Amethyst Resort Passikudah is a part of Amethyst Leisure (Pvt) Ltd., whose aim is to provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day. Our focus is to become the preferred brand in leisure and recreation, renowned for innovation, service and a special culture to help shape the journeys of travellers each and every day. We support this mission by adhering to a set of core values that characterize our culture. Amethyst is a stone that brings peace of mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. True to its name our vision is to provide you with that experience, ensuring your holiday is memorable, relaxing and fun all rolled into one – the perfect retreat. Therefore we extend an invitation to you to come, and discover the coastal Gem of the East Passikudah(Pasikuda) on the Eastern coast is a sleepy fishing village 28 kilometres North of the capital city of the district. The bay of Passikudah is truly scenic and is protected by a reef that runs across the bay making it one of the safest and calmest stretches of coastline in the east. The reef is home to some lovely coral formations and schools of reef fish can be seen while snorkelling. The beaches are dotted with palm and palmyrah trees and the sand is soft and smooth to the touch. However Passikudah and its environs are gearing up for development and growth as the Tourist Development Authority has earmarked 156 acres of land for development converting Passikudah into a Tourist Zone. Part of the land will be developed to provide common infrastructure while the rest of the 100 acres have been allocated for hotel development projects. Once completed it is expected that there will be over 900 star class rooms in Passikudah.

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